I sincerely apologize for my over-extended absence; I needed a break to face my schoolwork. My project is almost done so I have a little free time (I think?).
Recently, I stumbled upon this…

“Long Live the Queen!”

Lovely pic, isn’t it?

It’s a wallpaper for Hanako’s newest game titled “Long Live the Queen!”. The game belongs to the genre known as “Visual Novels”. The main character is a princess who must take her just-deceased mother’s place. She must avoid death by mastering political intrigue, magic (if the gamer wishes), and a few other skills.

Lltq: political intrigue

What intrigued me about this game is that I had never heard of the visual novel genre before I saw it. I love games like these!

There’s a catch, though: the demo is free to download (obviously) but the full game costs about $12.95. If you have no intention of buying the full game, the demo might change your mind.


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