What’s better than an infographic about you?

Imagine an infographic about you?

my bio on vizify

My bio (looks like a desert!). This is actually an interactive infographic – visit the site.

Actually, this infographic is about me – my social profile. It’s one of the many pages available on Vizify.These are some of the other pages that I got when I registered. You can create a lot more.

My Bio 2

Vizify keeps a record of your tweets. Now you can tell if you are really a nerd or Justin Beiber…
My Bio 3

Location, location, location. Vizify captures your location too. Remember: it’s interactive – this picture does it little justi

Vizify is currently invite-only but I registered with a code I got from Mashable. The code is “Mashable”. The code is only available for 500 people so I suggest you hurry. And create a better-looking infographic than mine.



I sincerely apologize for my over-extended absence; I needed a break to face my schoolwork. My project is almost done so I have a little free time (I think?).
Recently, I stumbled upon this…

“Long Live the Queen!”

Lovely pic, isn’t it?

It’s a wallpaper for Hanako’s newest game titled “Long Live the Queen!”. The game belongs to the genre known as “Visual Novels”. The main character is a princess who must take her just-deceased mother’s place. She must avoid death by mastering political intrigue, magic (if the gamer wishes), and a few other skills.

Lltq: political intrigue

What intrigued me about this game is that I had never heard of the visual novel genre before I saw it. I love games like these!

There’s a catch, though: the demo is free to download (obviously) but the full game costs about $12.95. If you have no intention of buying the full game, the demo might change your mind.

If you don’t have an Android smartphone…

…you can still enjoy Android’s great apps right on your desktop pc.

Angry Birds Space – on Blue Stacks

The window in the center is from the BlueStacks app (please pardon the badly-taken screenshot ).

BlueStacks logo

The application is currently in beta and is buggy – and free. You can find more information about its use at the site or view this video. Here’s the Windows installer for the app – download