If you don’t have an Android smartphone…

…you can still enjoy Android’s great apps right on your desktop pc.

Angry Birds Space – on Blue Stacks

The window in the center is from the BlueStacks app (please pardon the badly-taken screenshot ).

BlueStacks logo

The application is currently in beta and is buggy – and free. You can find more information about its use at the site or view this video. Here’s the Windows installer for the app – download


Game development made easy

I love games, especially video games. I love them so much I’ve wanted to design the games I’d want to play. So I scourred the web and found something really nice…

Scirra’s home page

Construct-2 is a HTML5 game maker owned by Scirra. The games you develop with construct can be published on a number of media including Chrome’s Webstore and Facebook. There are three versions: a free-to-download version and two commercial versions. I’ve only started using it but I’ll post my discoveries whenever I make them.