What’s better than an infographic about you?

Imagine an infographic about you?

my bio on vizify

My bio (looks like a desert!). This is actually an interactive infographic – visit the site.

Actually, this infographic is about me – my social profile. It’s one of the many pages available onĀ Vizify.These are some of the other pages that I got when I registered. You can create a lot more.

My Bio 2

Vizify keeps a record of your tweets. Now you can tell if you are really a nerd or Justin Beiber…
My Bio 3

Location, location, location. Vizify captures your location too. Remember: it’s interactive – this picture does it little justi

Vizify is currently invite-only but I registered with a code I got from Mashable. The code is “Mashable”. The code is only available for 500 people so I suggest you hurry. And create a better-looking infographic than mine.