In this post, and its sequels, I share my game ideas with the hope that they inspire someone to make a beautiful mobile game.

Triple Town

Triple Town. A well-designed mobile game.


The increasing use of smartphones has greatly lowered the entry barrier for video game developers: games can be developed by two – or even one – man teams; development tools are easier to obtain and use. Almost anyone can develop a video game (mostly mobile games) these days.

I have a passion for video games and I’ve often dreamt of creating a game myself (I have made a couple of pen-and-paper RPGs, though). Now, I can realize that dream except…

I’m lazy! I develop game ideas but I’ve never developed a game. I believe there are people out there who need game ideas and are not lazy so I’ve decided to stop being selfish and share. Every week, starting this week, I’ll publish a new mobile game idea. Here’s the first:

TITLE: Wind Rider, Sky Surfer


Use a glider to ferry messages between locations. Ride mild drafts of air; evade powerful guests. Race against time.


Adventure, Racing


The game is set in a fantasy version of ancient South America, specifically in the Andies.



Beat the time for each level to move to the next level.

Game objects:

  1. Different bodies of air with varying intensities; from mild drafts to tornadoes!
  2. Projectiles fired from the ground (in some levels).
  3. Other riders (in race levels). 


  1. Touch left and right controls to turn left or right respectively. There are no controls for forward or backward movement.
  2. Ride a draft to move in the direction its flowing e.g ride forward-flowing drafts to move forward.
  3. Ride up-drafts to gain altitude. The glider loses altitude, steadily, as it moves.
  4. Tap a location to visit it. 

I apologize for the lack of diagrams: I am a graphic design noob. I’m working on the diagrams, though, but don’t expect anything visually-appealing, soon.

If you think this game is cool or less, do let me know; don’t spare any comments – I promise to read them all!

Sources of inspiration:

Lost garden link



A few tips for your next RPG project…

Once upon a time, video game development was a fantasy entertained by few people because it was a power held only by computer programming wizards , practised by teams of those wizards, and difficult to learn.

A computer programming wizard

Now, game programming is no longer exclusive. There are many platforms to develop on (pc, mobile), numerous game engines for different programming language platforms e.g AndEngine for Android. There are also lots of books on game programming, and even ‘game maker’ software like Construct-2 for HTML5 games. It is clear that the entry barrier for game development has been destroyed.

a ruined portal

A ruined portal

There are now so many video games and video game developers that the only way to distinguish them is the quality of their work – and the size of the development team.


A very popular genre of video games is RPGs – or role-playing games.

An online RPG

RPGs are not as easy to develop as the other game genres but there are still lots of RPGs on all gaming platforms. So how do you make your RPG stand out? Below is a list of features that, hopefully, may make your next RPG project quite interesting and unique:

Not-so-common RPG features

  1. Forging / Alchemy / Cooking

While this feature is not rare, it is also not common. Forging allows a gamer to craft his/her own weapons, armor, and accessories. This adds a mode of customization (in addition to character traits) that could spawn new items to be collected and character classes. The developer could limit forging and alchemy to certain classes such as the Alchemist class or Blacksmith class. The developer could also create hidden recipes that produce powerful items and make them quest rewards.

I’ll post more tips next week. Thanks for reading.

If you don’t have an Android smartphone…

…you can still enjoy Android’s great apps right on your desktop pc.

Angry Birds Space – on Blue Stacks

The window in the center is from the BlueStacks app (please pardon the badly-taken screenshot ).

BlueStacks logo

The application is currently in beta and is buggy – and free. You can find more information about its use at the site or view this video. Here’s the Windows installer for the app – download

Pocket Tactics: Chat with OneManLeft

Heard of Outwitters? You shouldn’t have – not yet. It’s a real-time strategy game for iOS (Apple’s mobile OS) that received good reviews at GDC. It wasn’t the only game but I have a nasty bias towards strategy games. Outwitters was created by OneManLeft (funny name) and they’ve just released the beta version of their game. Here’s their chat with Pocket Tactics: